Sunday, 24 October 2010

Top 10's?

So a little while ago someone asked me who my top 10 men were in any genre. Being the massive geek that I am, I chose the only logical thing and went for sci-fi. However this was harder than I thought it would be, I don't usually find people attractive on appearance alone, I need to know the person before I can start to like them in that way, so I had to adjust my thinking slightly. This took time lol But we got there and now I have a top 10 sci-fi men list. However, I felt it a little unfair to just have men, so I also have a top 10 sci-fi women list after the men.

10. David Duchovney - Fox Mulder. X-Files.
When I was little I adored The X-Files and of course I had a huge crush on the male lead, then as I hit my late teens my tastes changed and he got older and I just didn't like him the same way anymore, however now I look back and remember what it was I liked about him so he now has a comfortable place in my top 10. Just.

9. Michael Beihn - Kyle Reese. The Terminator.
This is another childhood crush, I first saw Terminator when I was about 10, considering this film was made the year I was born it was already 10 years old by then, watching it now at 26 years old, it has stood the test of time and the part where Kyle explains how he's only ever known fighting, never been with a woman before still makes me go "aaaw" so he gets a spot at number 9 in my list.

8. Michael Shanks - Dr Daniel Jackson. Stargate (TV Series)
Yet another childhood crush, apparently this series started in 1997 when I was 13, the only time he looks attractive in my opinion is when he's all geeky and nervous so here's a picture of him in glasses!

7. Alan Tudyk - Hoban 'Wash' Washburne. Firefly / Serenity.
Any man who can make a ship dance and plays with plastic dinosaurs within the first 10 minutes of the pilot episode of one of the best sci-fi programmes to ever get axed by Fox gets a definate position in my list.

 6. Harrison Ford - Han Solo. Star Wars.
I couldn't do a sci-fi mens list without Han Solo, the man oozes manliness and I doubt that any fangirl would kick him out of bed if he still looked like that!

5. Jamie Bamber - Captain Lee 'Apollo' Adama. Battlestar Galactica.
This guy isn't to my normal tastes but he is good looking and a very good actor, I didn't even realise he was english so he gets number 5 :)

4. Nathan Fillion - Captain Mal Reynolds. Firelfy / Serenity.
This man does not suffer injustice, he makes a living any way he can and he looks out for those that he holds dear, he enjoys winding people up and he has some mighty fine guns. His crew would die defending him and he would do the same, he commands loyalty through experience and with his one liners and shiny outlook on life he earns himself a nice middling spot in my list :)

 3. Adam Baldwin - Jayne Cobb. Firefly / Serenity.
It was very difficult deciding whether Jayne should be 3rd or 2nd, I love him, he's gun happy just like I would be! He gets number 3 purely because I have to base this on looks alone :-/

2. Tamoh Penikett - Captain Karl 'Helo' Agathon. Battlestar Galactica.
This man is like a god to me. I say no more. It IS difficult to get a photo where he looks as attractive as he is in the series' though, apparently he's only good looking when he's actually moving!

1. Ben Broweder - John Chrichton. Farscape.
Now I never really watched this properly, I only ever caught the odd episode if it was on tv when I was bored, but wow this guy makes it a show definately worth watching.

Bonus: Sam Worthington - Jack Sully. Avatar. / Marcus Wright. Terminator Salvation.
Ok, I'll admit it, I actually found a lot more than 10 guys and wittling it down to 10 was difficult so as a bonus we have Sam Worthington XD

Right, thats the top 10 (or 11 if you want) men, here's my top 10 women. By the way, this one was sooooo much easier than the men!

10. Gigi Edgley - Chiana. Farscape.
The odd bits that I have seen have mainly involved me drooling over Chrichton, but who can miss the blue girl in the corset with a gun? Lets face it, she's hot.

9. Gina Torres - Zoe Washburne. Firefly / Serenity.
Zoe is badass. She will do anything to protect her Captain, her crew mates and her husband. She is a warrior and she is awesome. Also, I have that same brown leather vest XD she gets number 9 :)

8. Summer Glau - River Tam. Firefly / Serenity.
Summer gets number 8 purely because I have a weakness for big eyes XD

7. Rebecca Romijn - Mystique. X-men.
Any fan will tell you, X-men Last Stand was utter crap. Mystique was always my favourite character in the comics and even she couldn't save the films for me :-/ Last Stand was especially bad as they bought in characters needlessly, hyped them up and then discarded them. Rebecca Romijn gets her place in this list purely because she is a beautiful, scary woman.

6. Katee Sackhoff - Kara "Starbuck" Thrace. Battlestar Galactica.
I hated her. Oh I hated her. It all started because my friend told me that her character reminded him of me, so I started watching the programme with hatred pure in my heart. Then as her character progressed I fell a little bit in love with her. She WAS me, but with more pain and heartache in her life. Then she got long hair and my god she was gorgeous. Katee, as Starbuck, you get number 6 :)

5. Gillian Anderson - Dana Scully. X-Files.
I couldn't have Mulder in my other list and not include Scully. I have a weakness for red heads as well as big eyes, so Gillian gets a nice middle place in my top 10.

4.  Milla Jovovich - Leeloo. Fifth Element. / Alice. Resident Evil.
She's a bit too skinny for my normal tastes but no-one kicks ass quite like her. She has inspired thousands of fan girls to grace comic conventions dressed in nothing but toilet paper and combat boots and she is also, in real life, a proud Mama who looked better pregnant than I ever could! Milla rocks and for that she gets number 4and two pictures!

3. Christina Hendricks - Saffron. Firefly.
Who could forget Yo-Saf-Brig, AKA the former Mrs. Reynolds? Saffron is beautiful and handles a gun quite well. I coudn't find an actual screenshot so a publicity shot/advert will just have to do.

2. Ellen Page - Kitty "Shadowcat" Pryde. X-men.
I adore this girl, when I saw that she was lined up to play Shadowcat in X-men Last Stand I was so chuffed... Then the film turned out to be utter wank, but at least I got to see Ellen Page in a cat suit. She's only 3 years younger than me and I am so jealous of her looks, her body and her acting ability. I can't act for shit!

1. Zooey Dechanel - Tricia "Trillian" McMillan. The Hitchikers Guide To The Galaxy.
A superb film adaptation of one of my favourite books :) I had originally seen Zooey in some other film featuring whatserface from that sitcom thing, and really liked her in that but in Hitchikers, she really came into her own. Everyone knows I have a huge crush on Zooey Dechanel so to any of my friends its probably no surprise that she gets the top position!

Any other suggestions for top 10 posts, just pop them in the comments :)